Mark S. Taylor is a writer and ginger person based in South London.

Here is his face.

Here is his face.

He writes fiction, nonsense, crossword clues,  text messages to his wife and about himself in the third person.

He sets crosswords under the pseudonym Apis, and posts semi-regular themed clues as @apisclues on Twitter.






Latest fingershouts: 


My story 'Dan and the Dead Boy' is in the latest Fiction Desk anthology, There Was Once a Place, along with thirteen other new stories. 

Wouldn't it be nice if the huge number of radio programmes on the BBC iPlayer were also available as podcasts? Well, too bad. They're not. You get the BBC's arbitrary selection of their programmes, and that's it.

I'm forever missing episodes or series or getting annoyed that I can't reliably listen on my commute, so I decided to rustle something up to pull BBC radio programmes into my podcast app. I call it iCaster, because it seemed the obvious thing to call it.